Tuesday, May 11, 2010

St. Joe Mtn. Race and Carbon

Got 2nd in St. Joe 3 hour mtn race. JP and I road together easy to get a feel for the trail and warm up and I was able to put 5 minutes into him on the 2nd lap. 3rd lap he got some time back and 4th lap I crashed and he passed me. I felt tired by then and was happy with 2nd.
St. Joe has awesome trails, very hilly with little rocks. Lots of climbing.

Above is a pic of my new full carbon 20 lbs mtn. bike. I was easily converted to full carbon for mtn. after many repairs a local man has made to bikes for our team. He repairs frames for $50-100 compared to the $400 calfee in california will charge you.

Dano's wheel is below. Please click here to see how he broke it.

Jason's ti frame was cracked at the dropout, no way could you repair it with welding, steel, or ti. But it is fixed with carbon.

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