Friday, May 21, 2010


Almost forgot to post my thoughts on Auburn RR. 67 miles, longest one I have done so far. Matt O got away with tilford and mills at mile 5, there were 3 mercy and 3 tradewind guys to keep the pace at a tolerable level. At mile 40 the ref said they had a 2:50 gap. Eventually there came the attacks, one by one there would be an attack by mercy, then tradewind, then bahati. Eventually everyone was getting pretty tired and an attack went that looked like it could stick. I went too and was with a group and we put in a minute pretty quickly. There were two tradewind, 1 mercy, me and 1 bike shack(kent). We were all taking big pulls and before we hit "that hill" everyone started to back off and not pedal so hard, by the time we hit the hill Bill from tradewind started pedaling hard and eventually dropped me. We had 10 miles to go and I was shot. About two minutes later the next group caught me, Brian Jensen, PHillip from Bahati and Joe from Mercy were there. As I found myself in the back of the group Brian attacked and everyone was able to stay with him but me. I didn't have anything left but still felt good about how I raced the first 55 miles.

Matt stayed away the whole time with Tilford/MIlls and got 3rd.

Nothing going on race wise this weekend. Tonight is goldsprints at the new velowerx location, 7pm wyandotte/18th.

Saturday morning 9am ride from 39volker. Sunday morning mtn. biking at swope and 1pm gothr ride.

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