Sunday, February 7, 2010


Another awesome gothr ride today. I believe there were at least 9 of us and we covered 49 miles. Only 1 stop, which was to repair a flat and with the pacelines we were able to get the ride finished before the snow got too bad. Wind was not awful and the roads stayed relatively dry until the end of the ride(by then my socks were soaked). I was able to use my fender on the rear to keep my back dry but my track-geometry bike kept me from installing a front fender. Definitely feeling a lot better after this ride than previous, hopefully I'll be able to keep up the pace during the week.

Tomorrow is the McCoy's ride. Leaves at 6 from Volker Bicycles, cruises around for about an hour and ends at McCoy's for $7 pitchers/pizza/burgers. A true bargain and a great time. Mtn./cross bikes are probably preferred with the snow accumulating.

Click here to see Jake's fancy 305 map of the gothr ride.


  1. you better keep up the pace this week. i'm cracking the whip!