Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I missed the Urban CX race on saturday, due to not planning ahead and getting someone in the store. It was obviously a fun time. I heard rumors that r5 was there and also that we wasn't there. I had a few guesses on who it was, but I keep getting turned down.

Sunday was a good day. We got in about 60 miles by the time the sun set. Here is the route. Joe used my Garmin 500 with powertap. It works great! So much info, especially when you use trainingpeaks. Steve and I road are fixed bicycles again. We had pretty good gearing, around 44/20, and could keep up just fine. The ride was much better than the previous week. Though I prefer the Longview route, having the sun go down around 3 and pedaling the last 15 miles into a 20mph headwind was not ideal when you can't shift.

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