Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sundays and Mondays

It seems that sunday and monday are the only days I get out for rides now. Sundays ride was great, there were 12 of us leaving the store. We went around Longview Lake and back. What I thought would be a 40 mile ride ended up being 65 miles, so a few people stopped at various places on the way back at around mile 40 to eat and wait for a ride.

By mile 50 I was done. Still had to get back home straight into a cold headwind. On the first climb around 1:30 I was cussing out my extra jacket, I was sweating and it was 40 and sunny, I was so glad I still had it at 5:30 when it started sleeting, as well as extra gloves.

I calculated 22,680 pedal strokes for the ride on the fixed gear.

Mondays ride was great too. A few of the regulars didn't show up, I'm guessing due to the wind/cold but there were still 10 of us for a good 10 mile cruise.


  1. i cant believe you and steve did 65 on fixies. badass.

  2. So I was a little off in my calculation of half a million pedal strokes. It sure felt that way, though.

  3. It would have been a good day to ride the dogma. There only 1 or 2 wet spots. Coasting down hill sounds so good right now!