Sunday, January 17, 2010


Crit for street cred on Saturday. Lots of ice. There were lots of racers. I got 2nd. My excuse is that David crashed in front of me and broke his shoe, then Joe and Steve both blocked for Nate through the corners. Nate sure does want that bamboo frame.

I have some really crappy coffee around, I don't want to throw it out, so I put in the hot water, brewed it for 2 minutes, then added swiss miss. Did not taste bad, but did not taste good either.

Motorpacing from the crit up north to the epic cx race.
Benon is bringing chubby back.
Post 3 hour ride on Sunday, thank you Melissa for letting me go.

Adam bought a giant pixie stick from a gentlemen at the corner of vivion/oak.

Sky won their first race, wearing skinsuits on dogmas.


  1. It was fun. I wish I could've riden with you guys after the race. You know, not to shoot down your excuse, but Steve confessed that you were paying him to block me. ;)

  2. Steve told me he got confused, he thought it was you who paid him. Maybe it was the lsd from last night...