Saturday, December 5, 2009

Boss Cross#4

Very cold day but the sun helped a little. I did the SS race today so I could get out early and be in the store. 30 minute race and I could tell by the first lap that I was way undergeared. I was riding 39/19 on the very dry grass/pavement course. There wasn't much climbing or banked turns but the two full sand runs were brutal. I ended up with 2nd place by end. I had not ridden my SS bike in over 2 months and I never really got acquainted with it until I was cooling down. Hopefully it will get faster by January.

The 4 race was fun to watch. Lots of battling going on. Joe A., Steve V., Nathan C., Adam K., Christopher S., all looked strong out there. Joe ended the series with a solid 2nd place.

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