Monday, November 23, 2009

None of the above.

Ended up staying in KC. Cross didn't sound fun and I didn't have a partner to make the trek to Lindsburg.

Did 3 laps at Swope on Saturday(little slipper and injured my tailbone).

Did 4 laps Sunday, much better, the GEAX tires were killing it.

Then did Cranksgiving, Steve and I rocked it on our Fixed Gears, 2.5 hours of riding at race pace on those things hurt my legs in a good way. We won, but since the aldi on Roe had a power outage(the whole town was out of power it seems) we didn't have all 10 receipts...still got cool stuff and drank good beer.

Going to do a ride on Mondays now, start at 6(right at 6, on time) from Volker Bicycles. All bikes welcome, probably do 1 hour of riding then end at McCoy's if there is interest.

Here is a pic of Joe's new Grass Track bike in the process of being built. Made in KC by velowerx.


  1. It's on!! I'm building a fixie grasser now! I needed an excuse to build more wheels anyway.

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  3. Get you some files and tubes...start grinding now.

    I used my computer to take the pic of Joe's bike, everything is backwards in it, I'm surprised no one said anything about the crank on the wrong side.

  4. Why would it matter if it's fixed?

  5. the threading on the wheel would be facing the wrong way. You'd have to be damn sure the lockring is tight and good.

    Why not have cranks/cogs on both sides for dual drive?