Saturday, October 24, 2009

Smithville CX Tomorrow.

Looks a little technical with lots of sand.

Built up another set of tubulars.

Vista Cruiser 32h rims.

Velocity Road Hubs.

Sapim laser spokes.

1360 grams for $325! .......... You can buy the $369 williams or neauvations, but they weigh in at 1650.


  1. To clarify - the neuvation tubulars are 1400 grams for the set out of the box. I weighed mine just to see.

    Nice build though. Are those going to be cross wheels?

  2. Your right, 1400 is neuvations, I was looking at the Williams Spec. My bad.

    Neuvations 20/24 db spokes. 1400 grams $390 + shipping.
    Williams 24/28 sg spokes 1669 grams $369
    Volker Wheels. 32/32 db spokes 1360 grams $325.

    I like the vista cruiser rims, they are 21.2mm wide, so you get lots of glue contact. I doubt they would be good for road, too many spokes and too wide of rim.