Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cup Weekend

Didn't make it to Topeka on Saturday. I was up with the little dude until 5am, then my alarm didn't go off at 7 so I didn't have time to catch my ride-probably a good thing. My brother was in town so I was able to entertain and get some hours in at the store.

Sunday was the blvd. cup. Awesome weather, 3 years in a row there has been picturesque fall weather. Little windy today though. I watched the 4 race, Eric got 3rd after winning the race yesterday.

I warmed up a little and tried to focus. My stomach and back hurt, but not as much as my legs were going to.

Starting the race I felt pretty good. I ended up towards the back and started moving up little by little. Finally a big gap opened up ahead of the rider right in front of me and it was hard to keep up a fast pace. I felt like throwing up but kept on. Finished the race, didn't get last place.

Afterwords we were treated to free food (pasta and cajun food as well as pale ale) it was very good. The Blvd. folks put on a great event.

Back is now in some serious pain!

Lil' Dude!

Adam killing it in the 4 race.
Eric fighting for the hole shot.

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