Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boss Cross

Awesome race, Great payouts, good weather, and great competition. It really couldn't have been better!

I had a tough time getting used to the pace on saturday, finished ok, ahead of a few, but behind a lot of riders.

Upon reading the results of the Gloucestor race today I see

31. Mathew Ankney Kccx/verge in 1:06:10

A very fast racer who could place podium here finishing a great race, but still 7 minutes off from the winner, who would probably finish 8 minutes behind Neils Albert.

Then there is me, who finished 5 minutes behind the winner. Looks like I have a lot of work to do!

Actually felt ok through parts of the race, got to dig pretty deep, got that cool metal/blood taiste in my mouth!

All night on saturday I had bad stomach cramps and got no sleep. My legs felt fine, but everything else seemed broke. I struggled with the though of stepping back and doing the 3/4 race, at least then I wouldn't be leaving empty handed but instead, decided to do the SS race. It was earlier, shorter, and would allow more time to recover for the open race.

I raced it harder than I planned and got 2nd. It was a lot of fun racing with just 1 gear, though I'd like to get a faster cog in the back next time.

My legs felt pretty heavy after the ss race and I didn't have much left for the open race. There were a ton of racers for the open race, a ton of fast racers. After 1 lap I threw in the towel and prayed I'd be lapped, I was.

It is really good to see such a strong open field for these events, it is great for the cx community in the midwest, specifically KC.

Its going to be a while, but eventually the fast races will make me faster.

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