Monday, August 24, 2009


1. Mondays seem to always be a hangover for me. My legs are gone, my head/back hurts and when I get to the store there is trash everywhere from the busy weekend.

2. I thought about organizing a Royals ride, maybe meet somewhere in midtown and ride straight east to the K, where we watch a game. Monday's are $5 nights now...pretty good deal plus you don't have to pay to park. Weather this good only lasts so long, and so does the Royals season. Can't do it tonight though.

3. Painting the wooden Deck/Patio tonight, I have an extra brush if anyone is thirsty.

4. Going to build up my road bike again, try and savor what remains of a long road season, I have Sedalia, then the last 2 days of Gateway.

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