Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to the Numbers

1. Haven't ridden hard in a week now, legs still feel like I ran a marathon.

2. Mounted my 700x34 bulldog to a 29er 355 rim tubeless. Very hard to mount but sealed well. Way better than my conversions last year. Will definitely order some 355 rims to lace to my king hubs for cross.

3. Race was closer today, if there was a chance to beat Cav, that was it.

4. I put some used Fizik microtex (white) in the washer. Didn't work out as I expected but does look much cleaner than before, still kind of sticky too.

5. Two more days and my Master's is done!


  1. Your Masters gets done on Friday?

  2. Well, that's when the thesis papers are due...I have my fingers crossed.