Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Rain makes me crazy.

2. Lance Armstrong will NOT win the Tour de France.

3. Menchov will be popped for...

4. Cellar Rat is the best place in the world.

5. Riding bikes in rain makes you fast.

6. New bartape makes your bicycle fast! (Thanks Joe!)

7. There is an extra set of ears in my house now.


  1. 1. Agreed, but wind is worse.

    2. Yes, and when that happens, I'll waited in bated breath to hear his excuse.

    3. Not sure what.

    4. Yes, but if you go there, don't buy Boulevard's Two Jokers beverage. It's malt liquor! And no good.

    5. That's true, if for nothing else than riding in it makes you want to get out of it as soon as possible.

    6. I'll let you know about this tomorrow.

    7. ?

  2. Riding in the rain just makes you wet.

    Well I guess it might make you fast just because you're riding and maybe your competition isn't. That's what I keep thinking anyway.

  3. 7. the baby is supposed to hear things now.

  4. 4. It was the case taisting, who buys beer at a wine store?

  5. 2 more ears? Or 4?? 6???!!