Sunday, June 28, 2009

Power & Light Crit

1. Took 17th today. Course was 1/2 mile long and it felt like we did
a thousand laps. With 15 to go my lower back went bad. I've always
been able to ride through it but today hurt worse than normal. Had a
hard time getting comfortable riding the bike through corners. Again,
lots of fast riders showed up to this race too...maybe even more than
fri/sat. Last 2 laps were really fast and everyone seemed to finish exactly where they were going into that 2nd to last lap.

2. After a bunch more coffee and some stretching my back felt better,
road another 20 miles or so, didn't feel too bad. After showering I
seemed to pop it out of place again, hopefully 8 hours of sleep will
do the trick.

3. I was approached a few times about the grass track event coming up,
seems folks are getting excited for it. Plan is still the 28th of
July, a sunday, location is norther Johnson county.

4. Hoping to do a VO2 max test this week. A local racer Shadd
Shreiner is doing it for free, just a few stipulations you need to
reach. If you are reading this, you probably reach the minimum. I found out he is doing it at KUMC, this whole time I thought it was in Lawrence and I didn't have a ride, now there are no excuses.

5. Tour of Lawrence is this weekend, should be my last paved race for
a while, maybe some mtn. biking to follow.

6. Eric Stull got 4th, Nate got 2nd in the 5's, and Matt got 2nd.

7. Brought a bunch of Parisi coffee to the race today, still have some left. Should be warm tomorrow morning to drink when I get to the store in the morning.

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