Monday, June 8, 2009

KS State Champs

RR was on Saturday. It was pretty warm. A Chaimois Buttr rider took off at the start, then 360(Shad Shreiner) and another rider (I forget). Matt got to the front and with Will from BMC in ARkansas he attacked and bridged up to all 3 riders. The pace was hot for a while, but with the 5 guys in 360 and 4 other Chamois buttr riders still in the group I knew they wouldn't be caught. Will and Matt are both crazy strong in break aways and there was only 1 other team with any riders.

A blue team from Tulsa, they had all matching Giant bikes, Specialized Shoes and Lazer Helmets. By the first lap the break was out of site and out of mind. They looked worried. They went to each team asking if they had a man in the break. The answer was usually yes. Finally They got to the front and started working...not really working but temp riding...seemed like they didn't care about the 4 riders up front, just didn't want anyone else going.

Eventually Chaimois Buttr and I got up front and started covering attacks. By lap 3, people were antsy and new we couldn't bring it back. Andrew from skc gave it ago,so did a few others, nothing could stick.

It came down to the last lap. My feet were killing me by mile 60 and I still had 10 more to go. It seems after 50 miles I am usually shot but I still tried.

The course was very windy and no matter where you were in the field, it was work. There was one section of the course for about 5 miles where you ride directly into the wind where there was a little break, the rest of the time everyone was equally working and equally tired.

At the bottom of the final hill I attacked and was to the top 1st, but legs were cramping and there were 3 guys on my wheel, with about 2k meters to go. My head got lazy and I decided to sit, not to battle for 5th place.

Matt ended with 3rd place while Will got 1st, Shad 2nd.

David got 2nd in the 4 RR and Eric Stull got 5th.

Sunday Crit.

Alot of people know about this crit. Mostly due to the parking lot you wind through, then cut through the backside of the stadium winding around hay bales and man holes into a gutter turn with a curb.

Windy again today too. Trey from Chamoi buttr took off at the beginning and it caused havic. For the first 4 laps everyone was struggling to hang on. My legs definetly were not warmed up yet and I was in pain. Finally the pace settled and Trey was gone.

Not much going on, attacks went, most were covered, Andrew Coe got a way and it was a race for 3rd. I felt really good after I got in on some attacks and my legs were finally feeling fresh. with 4 laps to go I was feeling ready to attack....thinking with 1.5 laps to go after the bad curb turn into the little hill. With 3 to go Trey lapped us and when we came around again they said 1 to go! A little confused, but I guess since Trey did 1 more lap than us so I think they were going off his lap count.

At the beginning of the last lap Jim from VT, who was dropped the first lap when Trey attacked, got to the front and pulled his two guys Greg and Ben around the course. He kept the pace high so no one could attack until towards the middle of the hill.

I knew my race was over here, I am no sprinter, I went into the last corner in 5th position and was able to hold it for 8th place.


  1. That was the most inaccurate race report I have ever read.

  2. So you put out 1400 watts and you say you aren't a sprinter??!! hahaha

  3. JW is old and slow. I was coming up the hill at the end of the crit course and he killed himself to keep me from lapping him. Mostly he stood and danced frantically on the pedals before he was totally busted and then I passed him like he was sitting still anyways, sad.