Saturday, May 2, 2009

New shoes!

Got the new Octane SL shoes. I had them in white/black last year but the size was just a little small, I ordered the new white/red ones in 44.5(.5 size bigger) and it is just right.

I've never seen shoes jump out like these, in the pic they look plain, just white and red but they really jump out in person.

Road 40 miles today, had lots of water and a PowerBar and we got some good training in going to Lonview Lake and back.

Weather hasn't been ideal for a bike shop so far, it normally takes 4-5 straight days of good weather for bike purchasers to get out and that simply hasn't happened yet. Hopefully soon!

After we closed we ate Chicken Pizza and Ice Cream, definitely necessary after today!

Spent some time looking on craigslist for a car...yes, after 2 years of Melissa and I pedaling around KC we have decided to get a car. With Cooper too big for a basket and a 3 month old human in Melissa's belly we are deciding to break down and be like every other americin! Hopefully this doesn't mean we're moving out to the burbs yet!

Hoping for a Wagon, descent van, or 4cyl sedan...corolla civic, volvo, caravan...something that won't break...I only know how to work on bikes!