Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rain Gear!

Alot of people ask about how you ride in the rain so here it goes.

Traditional Cycling Cap under helmet, keeps water out of your eyes better and keeps head dry. If it is below 55 get a thin beanie to go underneath it.
Caps start at $10 and Beanies from adidas are around $20.

Rain proof jacket. Giordana makes a great one that is only $20. It velcros off very easy, has vents in the sides, and is clear, usually judges let you wear it over your jersey as long as you have your number on the outside of it.

Lycra shorts. They don't soak up water as much.

I do not recommend leg warmers if it is raining. If it is raining that means it is probably above 35 degrees and the Alchemy Embrocation will treat you just fine. Leg warmers tend to soak up alot of water and weigh you down. The last thing you want sprinting for the finish after a 50 mile road race is an extra 10lbs. of water around your legs.

Water proof shoe covers-keeps feet dry.

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