Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last Spring Fling.

Race was hard today. I took this whole week off(meaning I softpedaled 40 miles a day of commuting) trying to regroup and restart the training regimen. Hopefully I'll be fast again by the end May for Tulsa Tough and the State Championships. Still hopefully doing Bazaar this Sat. (50 mile race by Emporia) with some Casa Ramos afterwards.

I think I got 5th or 6th on each prime...I had plenty of go-power but no top end to get by anyone. At 10 laps to go there was a bad crash, race was neutralized and we stood around for 30 minutes waiting for ambulances. Finally 10 laps to go and 15 guys are still their motivated to race, we started with 40 at least!

Luckily, all the 15 were "racers" meaning they were fast. The first two laps were fast, but not too bad, then attacks started going, with 1 to go I got on a wheel that was going and he didn't have it, we were caught, then another wheel from Bike Shack, he started signaling me to pull when I had just got his wheel, I looked back and saw specs chasing us down so I declined.

Final Sprint and got 9th, just out of points again. I look forward to another "easy" week of softer pedaling.

Matt P. had a good day with some points in a prime, it was a good day for his first 3/4 race.

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