Sunday, April 19, 2009


Had a large presence at the Bazaar Race on Saturday. Had plenty in the 4/5 field with Eric Stull winning the 5 race (4th overall!) and Eric Shaumberg getting 4th for the 4's.

Driving out of KC it was raining and windy. I finished reading "A Dog in a Hat" on our way and we stopped in Emporia at Wendy's for Gas and food. By the time we registered the sun came out and it was a perfect 60 degrees. We rolled out on time and the pace was lifted by Kris Tilford, we got to the first cone and we started flying, attack after attack and everything kept getting reeled in. We were flying at about mile 30 and when we got to the final cone with 9 miles to go I made sure to be up front to be sure I would not be out of position. There was an attack but was quickly covered. We rolled along for another 4 miles and there was a substantial hill where 3 of us went. We worked hard trading pulls riding straight into the wind and built a substantial gap. With a mile to go we all let off the gas a little since we knew we were safe from the field, I knew I couldn't out sprint my fellow countrymen so I attacked there and didn't get too far in the wind and was passed with 300 meters to go. I got 3rd, and $70. Should cover some new spokes, dinner for my driver, me, and Melissa, and maybe some new tires soon.


  1. Congrats on the podium finish. Hope the wine and mexican food went down well.

  2. Yes, Wine from Cellar Rat went down first, very smooth French stuff, but the 2 pb+j's (i put in the shade underneath Joe's Truck) were eaten by a pack of dogs while I was racing so I was quite hungry upon my arrival to Casa Ramos. It went down fine too, I was very fortunate...