Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Sponsor Fizik!

Fizik is now our newest sponsor for our Grassroots program. This means huge discounts for all teammates!

Fizik makes the best saddles for road racing in my opinion. I hate arguing saddles with people since everyones body is different and respond to different products but I have never heard of a product as good as fizik. The arione and aliante saddles have both had high acclaims, especially in the Road Racing world and now they also have come out with the antares, a shallower saddle with the same comfort.

I will be taking orders this week for saddles until Monday (4-6-09)when the order goes in. If you have been considering a new saddle please consider Fizik. They are an awesome company, sponsor local racing, and are offering great discounts.

Here is a list of their products. Even if you don't want saddles, they have the best bar tape out there too.

If you decide on a saddle, check out their integrated lights and saddle bags that connect to the rear of the saddle.

Ask me questions! volkerbicycles@gmail.com

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