Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fling #2

Got up and had my special Kenya AA coffee and made a little extra for my special recovery drink.

Missed the prolong this morning, had a team ride and taught a mechanic class so I guess that is a good enough excuse.

Got a little nervous when Cameron Chambers showed up. That guy is fast!

Race started off on time and got in the front, going into the first prime lap a bike shack guy made a crazy attack and right then I decided to sit in on the first prime. Last week I spent all my energy on all the primes and had nothing left for the finish so I was changing my game plan. 2nd prime came and I was in the front again...Funk from vt made a crazy attack and I hopped on, going into the last turn I was able to pass him and get to the line first. I sat up a bit and drifted back a few when Cameron began making attack after attack. Everyone knows of the guy who one the 24 hour national championship mtn. bike race a few years back so no one wanted to let him go.

Going into the 2nd to last lap a guy from specs took off like crazy and I was on his wheel, but he got tired, I knew I couldn't hold it for another lap so we slowed down. I stayed in the front and on the 2nd turn Jack Mason took off with a Bike Shack rider. I took off with them and was dangling a few feet behind them going into the final turn. I couldn't really tell how fast around the corner we were going, looking back I probably could have gone faster through the corner but I figured I would get them, I was wrong, still finished 3rd though.

4th overall for the race.

New teammate Matt took 1st place in the Cat 5 race...yeah Colavita!

Oh yeah, A Pinarello is in Yellow in France...screw Trek!

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